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Portraits of Christ V

An Introduction to the Four Gospels for Critical Minds & Contemplative Hearts

A Seven-Week Online Bible Study &

Lecture Series with Father Vincent

In this fifth semester of our “Portraits of Christ” series, Fr. Vincent will continue to unpack the structure, theology, and literary ‘brush strokes’ of Mark’s gospel which presents Christ as the “Suffering Messiah” of Isaiah. Our last semester concluded with the numinous experience of Christ’s Transfiguration (Mk. 9:13). Typical of the secrecy motif of Mark’s gospel, upon descending from the mountain, Jesus admonishes Peter, James, and John to say nothing of what they saw until the resurrection. This prompts questions about the coming of Elijah, to which Jesus alludes that the spirit of Elijah has indeed come (in John the Baptist) who suffered grievously. Having past the midpoint of the gospel where Jesus uniquely heals the blind man from Bethsaida only gradually (Mk. 8:22-26), our spring semester will likewise continue to gradually reveal the identity of Jesus as the Suffering Son of God.


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