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Holy Transgression

Discipleship and the Incarnation

Contemplative Outreach of Colorado

Fall Conference

An In Person and Zoom Presentation

Father Vincent Pizzuto will be joining us for a full-day event titled “Holy Transgression: Discipleship and the Incarnation.” In this presentation, Father Pizzuto will be speaking to us about Jesus’ coming as a manifestation of a whole new world view: the Kingdom of God.

The gospel narratives are replete with the theme of transgression. Routinely, Jesus drew his teachings and parables from the natural world, familiar to those around him, and used the most mundane images to shock his listeners into seeing the new world that was breaking upon them. In this new world—the kingdom of God, as he called it—the very idea of holiness and what it meant to be holy was radically challenged and transformed. No longer was holiness to be identified with something “set apart,” as the original Semitic root (qdš) implies. Rather, the in-breaking of the kingdom was just that, the realm of God breaking into the realm of humanity. This is why Jesus’ actions and teachings consistently emphasized the spirit of the law over the letter. He insisted that no religious observance was of greater importance than the practice of compassion and indiscriminate love for all.


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