Epiphany Prayer

~Father Vincent, December 2019

Epiphany Prayer

O God, in the days ahead, in a time of doubt and uncertainty,

In a year when so much around us seems dark and unfamiliar,

may we, like the Magi, pilgrim toward an inner epiphany of Christ

carrying the gifts of an open heart,

a welcoming heart,

a consenting heart –

To you, O God, whose heart is restless until you rest in us.

Overshadow us now with the same Spirit that hovered over Mary

by whose consent you poured yourself into Creation;

a self-emptying which human minds could not imagine nor hearts conceive.

We pray that in the silence of your Word-Made-Flesh,

we may conceive in ourselves the inconceivable.

That we may, with Mary, offer our “yes,” our “fiat,”

that we may never cease to birth Christ in the world;

never cease to embody Christ in ourselves, as words-made-flesh.

O! Break upon the muck of human history in the Bethlehem of our own hearts.

Where amidst our doubts and fears

we may discover yet again the breaking of a new dawn.

Where we may discover yet again eternity birthed in time,

and hope born in the most unexpected of places!

For Alas! A new dawn breaks upon us – indeed within us!

Not with the ferocity of a divine warrior

but with the vulnerability of an infant messiah;

In him, may we discover at last our pilgrimage to God

is but God’s pilgrimage into every living soul.

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In the shadow of your wings, I take refuge.

Psalm 57:1