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The contemplative life is not simply about adopting meditative methods and techniques but about entry into an interior silence that deepens our relationship with the triune God who dwells within.

Contemplative Refuge

The Contemplative Refuge at St. Columba's Inverness is a Christian ecumenical community centered around daily silence, communal prayer, personal creativity, and the weekly celebration of the Eucharist. Located in the beautiful environs of the Point Reyes National Seashore, the Refuge invites candidates to apply for long-term residence in our Retreat House for one-to-three months. We welcome applicants who are seeking creative solitude, sabbaticals, a place of discernment during life-transitions, or a simple desire to rest deeply in the presence of Christ. At a time when traditional parish life and monastic communities are gradually declining, new paradigms of Christianity are emerging which offer an opportunity for intimate and transformational spiritual community.

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A commitment to the contemplative life can never be a flight from the world,

can never be an escape from conflict or suffering, or, much worse, a cocooning in on. It is, rather, a flight precisely from the illusion of disunity, the illusion of separation that dominates the overarching narratives of our world. 

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